Treatments Available

It's a serious responsibility for us to provide you with the care that you rightly expect and deserve at our surgery.

The dentists at our surgery have all been qualified for many years. They attend extensive training courses throughout the year in all aspects of dentistry to ensure that the treatment they are providing for you is the best possible care available with the most recent techniques and materials.


Appointment times vary in length depending on the treatment that you need. We dont have set times for set treatments so every aspect of your treatment plan is tailored especially for you.


Tooth Coloured Restorations


Tooth coloured restoratations are white fillings that are bonded to your teeth.They are  more aesthetically pleasing compared to the silver amalgam fillings. It is not always possible for a tooth coloured filling to be placed but your dentist will advise you what type of filling is best suited to your tooth.


Cosmetic Treatment


At our surgery we are aware that patients want to have natural looking teeth. To help you reach this goal we can provide you with veneers, crowns and bridges, tooth coloured fillings and tooth whitening treatment.


If you would like to have any cosmetic dentistry carried out a discussion with your dentist will guide you in the direction of the best treatment plan for you




Preventive Care 


Preventive dentistry is the modern way for us to help you to keep your teeth.


The two major causes of tooth loss are decay and gum disease. At our surgery we are very pro-active when it comes to preventive care. We have a hygienist at our practice every week day to make it more convenient for you to make an appointment.


The joint efforts of your dentist, hygienist and you can help to prevent the need for treatment and so avoid the need for possible fillings and extractions due to problems with your gums. 

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Last updated 02/12/20

Treatment Fee Guide

Examination                                     £47.50

New Patient Examination                   £83.50

X-rays                                     From £10.00

Standard Visit to Hygienist         From £61.50

Emergency Appointments          From £73.50

Fillings                                     From £80.00

Extractions                               From £87.00

Crowns                                  From £615.50

Referrals to Specialists


There are some types of treatment that are best provided by a dentist that specialises in a specific field - such as implants or orthodontics. If you would like to consider these types of treatment we can refer you to a specialist locally and we work very closely with them which means that you can still come along to us for all your other routine dental needs.

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